Sa Trinxa, Ibiza.


Despite the fierce intensity of the summer heat cooling off, it is by no means time to don your thermals quite yet. For one last hoorah as the party season draws to its ultimate finale, head to bohemian institution Sa Trinxa, on Las Salinas beach at the southernmost tip of the While Isle.

En route you shall drive past the spectacular 2000 year old salt flats which glint and glisten like endless pools of diamonds, as though Narnia’s White Witch has cast her spell over the land (one of the more fabulous vantage points on the island from which to enjoy an eerily still sunset). Upon docking/parking/offloading at the playa, stroll past the seaside glamour of St Tropez style beach clubs where the jet set and palm trees sway to house and electronica; we’re going off the beaten track. ☮ IMG_0245

Las Salinas is an expanse of sugary golden sand and a sparkling lemonade sea, where the blinding turquoise water is outshone only by the cobalt of the skies. The fresh pine scent whipped up by the salty breeze overpowers the senses.

Known for harbouring the international glitterati in droves and a number of supermodels *cough Kate* , it is still common to observe Spanish families understatedly picnicking, and hippy nudists gleefully catching some rays (tourists here tend to be Spanish or Italian I have noticed..). Head to the far left end of the beach (if you’re facing the sea) towards the rocks. It may look decidedly far in light of the midday heat, particularly with such tempting venues dotted along the way, but mark my words, 30 year old heavyweight Sa Trinxa merits such expenditure.


The ethereal little spot you will stumble upon has managed to conserve the spirit of the island’s most hedonistic, bohemian epoch, and the party remains in full swing. This Chiringuito (essentially “beach shack”), with its leafy thatched roof, is weathered like a well-loved jacket that has witnessed a thousand scenes until history is embedded in its fabric.

This is the unique sort of spot where you’ll find bearded hipsters too novel for Shoreditch or Williamsburg perched beside remarkable tattooed characters in a variety of leather tank tops  (they’ve clearly seen it all the first time round).  Nonchalantly beautiful girls languish nymph-like in the sand, or perched on the pier like Homer’s Sirens; hair bleached by the sun, willowy limbs browned to ebony.  These fascinating scenes unfold beneath a canopy hung with hundreds of tiny posies, keeping the negative energy out. ☮ ✌



A hum of laughter, is audible above the delicious sounds of now legendary DJ Jon Sa Trinxa, a regular feature since 1994.

“My style is Balearic which is like trying to define the undefinable . Confused ? Many Djs are defined by playing a particular genre , but balearic music is a kaleidoscope of genres. Balearic Djs play all styles.” ~ Jon Sa Trinxa

The hippy boutique is unmissable; swathes of gauzy fabric are draped from the ceiling to form a brilliant canopy of fuchsia and indigo. I spotted some truly covetable handmade jewellery too. Also look out for the vibrant club parades, which pass several times a day (whereby the likes of Pacha and Space send throngs of dancers, musicians, models, drag queens and general party people to drum up a buzz around the biggest events happening that night).







Another element I love which one never sees on French beaches is the abundance of entrepreneurial souls peddling cold water, beers, cocktails and fresh delicious looking cups of chopped fruit. Their constant cries of “Fruta Fruta Vitamina Vitamina” “Coronita Fresca” form part of the soundtrack and these jolly people (whom curiously all appear to be related..) are comparable in character and charisma to the brash cockney stallholders of the old east end.


Here you won’t find the Ibiza which first springs to the minds of many; portrayed by droves of Brits so rowdy they force planes to land (I’ve been a passenger on such hellish flights, where air hostesses are sexually harassed pouring coffee, as middle aged “lads” down duty-free Jaegermeister from take-off to landing).

This is the Ibiza beneath the billboards and fishbowls and STIs and promoters and bad behaviour. This is Ibiza stripped back, as it once was and should remain.

That’s not to say this side of Ibiza is any less hedonistic; indeed Sa Trinxa before 4pm is a different creature entirely to that which unfurls after nightfall. Barefoot dancing goes on from sunset to dawn, but it is the soul behind it all which is indescribably different. The atmosphere here is one of total acceptance. Carefree spirits dance joyfully beneath the full moon, whooping as the waves crash; a super fun alternative to the Superclubs. One which I highly recommend you try!


Calle Playa Salinas  07817 Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Islas Baleares, Spain
+34 637 82 61 83]

Top Tips

Adventure Ahoy!  Keep on exploring around the rocky corner to discover the Pirate WatchTower..Yargh.

Take the No 11  bus from the Bus Station in Eivissa ~ See Times Here (to claim the loveliest spots, try to arrive before 2pm in high season!)

All that aforementioned extra salt makes you extra floaty in the sea-Enjoy!

Unlike private beaches that I am familiar with on the French Riviera which I’ve seen charge extortionate prices (even Playa Den Bossa’s Nassau Beach Club quoted us 70€ per head to bask on a sunbed for the remaining 2 hours of sunlight when we enquired at 5pm!)….. Las Salinas beach has a policy whereby the maximum charge is set at 8€. This means food is a little pricier but you can be guaranteed an affordable perch! Woopah!

What to Wear? Wrap yourself in colourful floaty fabrics from around the globe (see “Hippy Boutique ☮ ✌ “), think fresh flowers in your hair ✾ ✿ ❁ ❃ ❋ ❀ and tiny bells around your ankles. Or alternatively wear nothing at all! Anything goes! xxx

☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮ ☮


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